November 20, 2012

How-To: Tips for Shopping Online

Black Friday and the Monday that follows, which we have somewhat recently taken to calling Cyber Monday, are two of the biggest shopping days of the year. The tradition of getting off to a fast start on your holiday shopping by getting out there on the Friday after Thanksgiving that most Americans take as a vacation day dates back to the 1960’s. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, was created by online retailers sometime in the last decade in an attempt at squeezing one more day of shopping mania out of consumers.

These manufactured holidays are probably detracting from the quaintness of what used to be a perfectly Rockwellian day of football and food and football. But the deals, they’re just so good, you would have to be made of stone to resist! So we produced this short video to help consumers stay safe online, not just on Cyber Monday and Black Friday, but throughout the holiday shopping season.

Via Threatpost

September 18, 2012

Securing Your Facebook

Facebook’s active-user count is rapidly approaching one billion. The world’s largest social network, which has long been a popular target and platform for attackers, will only become a more relevant outlet for scams and other fraud as it continues to grow. While the target grows, so too does the need to secure our accounts. With that in mind, we will discuss some simple ways of bolstering the security of our Facebook accounts in the second installment of our how-to video series.

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